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Project Description
Social software is now playing a fundamental role also at work. It can be used both as an instrument for knowledge sharing in a company intranet and as a powerful marketing channel for establishing a direct communication with the customers. As a consequence, several companies are now investing in social media for building their social digital brand and establishing trust-based relationship with their customers.

Assessing the adoption of social media into an enterprise requires that commercial goals are well defined. On the one hand, it becomes crucial to provide tools that make it possible to easily manage company profiles on the various existing social media platforms. On the other hand, it is fundamental to constantly monitor the activity on the company profile in terms of return of the investment. This holds not only for large enterprises but also for small-medium enterprises (SME) that can benefit a lot by the buzz of social networks as a modern version of traditional word of mouth.

We propose the usage of an Enterprise Social Aggregator (ESA) that aims to put together all the information about a SME, including both information that a SME is directly posting and what customers say about the SME on social networks. Here, we briefly introduce the architecture and present some usage scenarios for SME.

This project is part of a research project in the areas of Social Software Engineering and Global Software Development, led by the Collaborative Development Group at the University of Bari, Italy, and is currently funded by the European Territorial Cooperation Operational Programme “Greece-Italy 2007-2013” under the name Intersocial.

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